Recreational, Life and Social Skill Group

Child Care Counsellor - Individual & Group-Based Services

Child and Youth Care Workers use modelling and experiential learning to provide individual, paired and group-based services across a range of relevant environments. Group-based services are designed and delivered using expertise of the multi- disciplinary FCC and partnership teams including:

Child Care Counsellor - Individual & Group-Based Services

Group-based services for children and youth focus on learning social and emotional, employment, recreational and/or life skills.

Family Connection Centre Child Care Workers provide a variety of group-based programming at the FCC

  • Parkinson Recreation Centre deliver specialized CYSN activity-based recreation programming offered in their calendar of events. Access passes are provided when indicated in the child or youth’s individualized plan.

  • YMCA deliver specific programming for life skills and employment related skills.

  • bgc Okanagan provide a peer-to-peer recreational program with a focus on community engagement and social interaction. Groups are hosted at multiple locations across the Central Okanagan.

  • arc programs provide a community recreation and social skills group that uses peer modelling to help children and youth learn skills as they enjoy fun activities. arc programs also provide individual and paired services to work on specific goals across environments, such as in their home and community.

  • Options provide small, short-duration group activities for children and youth who need extra supervision and support with recreation and learning social emotional skills.

Groups for Parents

Group services for parents can be delivered online, or through one of the Network of Centres locations, to increase accessibility. Alternately, they can be delivered using the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the FCC as a backdrop to emphasize parent and caregiver well-being and social connection.

Groups for parents of younger children may focus on:

Groups for parents of older youth may focus on:

We can also facilitate access to other parent groups in the community to provide supplemental support when needed.